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Remembering Srebrenica (2014)

Today, remembering Srebrenica with words and images that have never left me. Click on the links below for essays, photographs, and links to Bosnian artists’ reflections. “Srebrenica, Bebolucija, and the Politics of Life” (2013) “Remembering Srebrenica” (2012) “Remembering Srebrenica” (2011)

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Srebrenica, Bebolucija, and the Politics of Life

A year ago, I visited the Srebrenica-Potočari memorial for the first time. It was overwhelming. A sea of tombstones. Massive, gutted factory buildings. Suffocating silence. This week, millions are commemorating the nightmares of July 1995, when ultranationalist Bosnian Serb forces … Continue reading

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An Interview with Samir Biscevic

  Today, a link to a wonderful recent “Chicago Talks” interview with my dear friend Samir Biščević, a Bosnian-American artist, now living in Chicago. Samir’s paintings have been exhibited recently to mark 20 years since the beginning of the siege … Continue reading

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Misreading Bosnia: Genocide and the Muslim “Other”

On my first trip to Bosnia-Herzegovina, in 2004, a university professor from Sarajevo — a survivor of the Serbs’ relentless siege — asked a devastating question: What other European capital would have been left besieged for so long? As in … Continue reading

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