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Linda Pastan, “Ethics”

Today, needing five minutes of solace, I closed my computer screen, walked to my bookshelves, and grabbed An Introduction to Poetry by X.J. Kennedy (7th edition). My father had assigned it for a poetry class I took from him about … Continue reading

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Merima and Ariadne at Exeter (Update!)

Merima and Ariadne have come and gone — what gorgeous artists, what wonderful people! Their concert Tuesday night absolutely blew the roof off the place. Jaw-dropping virtuosity (concert accordion and soprano voice), extraordinary emotional depth and range. Two very short, breathtaking audio clips … Continue reading

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Merima and Ariadne at Exeter

If the rapture is going to happen soon, I hope it can wait a couple of weeks — or else leave me behind — for this upcoming concert at Phillips Exeter: Ariadne Greif (soprano) and Merima Ključo (concert accordion), Tuesday, … Continue reading

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